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4th ERC Annual Meeting

7 February 2023, Mixed solvents and concentrated solutions

  • Nefeli Novak: Mixed solvents work
  • Fufang Yang: Mixed solvents work
  • Saman Naseri Boroujeni: Ion-pairs and new theory for electrical conductivity work

16 February 2023, Special topics on electrolytes and water

  • Evangelos Drougkas: Spectroscopic measurements and interpretations work
  • Rasmus Fromsejer: Solid-state properties using QC work
  • Nefeli Novak and Fufang Yang: eEoS contributions and comparison to the MS data from work of Sina Saravi and Athanassios Panagiotopoulos
  • Gabriel Silva: Recent developments related to Born term and charging processes and role of concentration dependent relative permittivity